Why you should consider re-shoring

reshoring noun [ U ] UK – /ˌriːˈʃɔː.rɪŋ/ US – /ˌriːˈʃɔːr.ɪŋ/   The practice of moving a business or part of a business that was based in a different country back to its original country   Much has been talked about ‘re-shoring’ but as this Covid-19 pandemic has shown us, importing from “far away” is becoming less attractive. Our business here at Plastic-IT Ltd is all about plastic injection mouldings – we have several lifetimes of knowledge about it within the…

When poor plastic part design leads to failure

We are not helping our clients every day. Sometimes, things more urgent raise their heads like today when the gents’ toilet would no longer flush – something had broken.  Right, so find a plumber amid the Covid 19 lockdown?  Ha ha! As the one in the company who started his working life, back in the sixties, in a plastic…
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