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We optimise injection moulding through design & training

Plastic-IT Ltd is a knowledge-based company with world class expertise in injection moulding – we help companies get product to market quicker by being right first time.

Each of the technologies employed contribute to the process of delivering profitable production. The outcome of this is improved quality, waste elimination and profit.

Each of these Plastic Technologies Integrate to provide a comprehensive expert service for any facet of the manufacture of injection moulded components and other plastics processing.

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Design for Manufacturing

Getting your plastic product to market with the greatest customer satisfaction, in the shortest time possible, with the expected quality and the largest profit can only be achieved if all aspects of design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) have been considered.

Much of the final cost of a part can be determined at the design stage, starting this process as early as possible using our expertise in plastics product design and process engineering will ensure that you deliver the consistency and quality demanded by your customer.


Autodesk Moldflow Analysis

Plastic-IT Ltd provides a CAE Moldflow analysis service using the latest 3D solid mould filling, cooling and warpage technologies from Autodesk Moldflow.  With the knowledge gained from hundreds of detailed optimisation studies over 25 years, from tiny medical parts to the largest of automotive components, our service provides clients with the optimum mould filling characteristics for new and existing injection mould tooling.

Used at the beginning of a project to deliver optimisation of the moulded product, process and tooling design, or used as a solution to an existing moulding defect – the Moldflow simulation can provide the answers to any injection moulding process or problem.


Prototype Projects

Prototype – an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process – Wikipedia

Plastic-IT Ltd can provide rapid prototyping of plastic parts from a variety of technologies to assist clients with their product development. Whether you require a handful of components to verify a design or modification, or 20,000 parts for a pre-production run – we can meet your demands.

The ability to evaluate simple fit and function, provide a functional prototype or produce a small batch of parts for production with very short leadtimes has enabled our clients to benefit from an accelerated time to market.


Injection Moulding Optimisation

Achieving the optimum injection moulding is not a black art, it is simply physics.

But if the fundamentals of the whole process are not fully understood, the benefits that can be gained from injection moulding process optimisation will not be fully realised.

We must consider the many design considerations for injection moulding.  These include the end use requirements, the material selected for production, results from any CAE studies on the part, the tooling construction and the injection moulding process itself.  Any shortfalls in these areas and the final product will be compromised, one way or another.


Plastic Injection Moulding Service

Plastic-IT Ltd has an ISO 9001:2015 certified in-house injection moulding facility in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

All tools, whether new or existing, can be analysed using Autodesk Moldflow to ensure an optimised process can be developed and that injection moulding defects with existing tooling can be identified and resolved.

If you have a new project or are looking to relocate existing tooling we can assist with the whole process, we work closely with a selected group of suppliers to ensure project success and customer satisfaction.


Routsis Injection Molding Training

The knowledge and skills needed get the best ROI for your injection moulding process only comes from training.  A well-trained and educated, competent workforce delivers profitability and competitiveness.  It is vital to the success of any organisation.

Plastic-IT Ltd is representing Routsis Training in the UK and Ireland.  With exclusive endorsement from the Society of Plastics Engineers, Routsis Training materials are used in over 2800 sites in more than 37 countries.