Right First Time Injection Moulding

Expert guidance for your next tooling project


It's 2017, there is no need for any guesswork on your next injection moulding tool.

Mouldfilling software has been around for over 30years and the technology that is available today allows us to simulate the injection moulding process with accuracy.  Interpreting the results requires a skillset that many people don't have, we have been offering this service for over 25 years and are able to turn results around in very short timescales to provide a service that is second to none.

Using the latest technologies from AutoDesk Simulation Moldflow we can optimise your plastic product to ensure that the first moulding trial is a success, optimise the wall thickness to reduce weight and cycle time, maximise your productivity and more importantly increase your profit by eliminating the need for modifications at the machine or repeated trials.

The relatively small investment upfront will be recovered many times over, we can deliver the results via webex or face-to-face to ensure that you receive the feedback necessary to make your next part is trouble free.

Simply send us an e-mail with some details of your project requirements and we will normally respond within an hour to provide a no obligation quote detailing the costs and timescales involved.