Press Release From Plastic IT

Graham Webster
Press Release From Plastic IT

Innovative 3D scanner for small plastic parts.

Validate moulded parts to design intent CAD with micron accuracy.

A 3D Scanner that can measure the internal geometry of small plastic parts – to microns – where CMM’s cannot venture – is being launched to the European market place at Med-Tech Innovation expo in Coventry on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 by Plastics technology company Plastic-IT (stand 29).

Director of Plastic-IT, Graham Webster says that this machine facilitates total 3D validation of moulded parts with 3D solid CAD design intent.  

The generated point cloud is readily matched with the original CAD to provide a colour map of dimensional differences.  The supplied proprietary Spec.Check™  software can section the point cloud in any axis and enable measurements to be made with ease, making Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR’s) achievable in hours instead of days (or more).

No fixturing is required and complete validation of multi-cavity moulds can be performed to determine cavity to cavity variances faster than ever before.

The Pearl 700 3D scanner is a patented, unique instrument that fits on a bench-top and is supplied as a complete system that is up and running delivering substantial benefits within a day.  This is high priced CT scanning accuracy and capability at a fraction of the capital and operation cost.

The 3D scanner known as the Pearl 700 comes from technology company CGI Inc in Eden Prarie, Minnesota – ‘next door’ to the HQ of Stratsys.  The inventor of the instrument, Craig Crump, is brother to the founder of Stratsys Scott Crump – innovation runs in the family.

Plastic-IT has grown in 20 years from a Moldflow CAE consultancy to a supplier of Integrated Technologies for the injection moulding industry which include product design and development, materials determination, mould design, process optimisation and now component verification.

For more information contact:
Plastic-IT, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7AQ UK
+44 (0)7971 260 789


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