Moldflow Analysis

Plastic-IT Ltd delivers rapid optimisation of product design prior to tooling enabling simplification, cycle time minimisation and quality at the lowest cost.

Using World Class software products from Autodesk Moldflow, the outcome is improved profitability.

Any type of polymer or injection moulding process can be simulated, together with the development of mould cooling and warpage analysis.

We are based in the Midlands and are prepared to discuss the analysis results face-to-face with the customer rather than just send a report, this ensures that the results are fully understood - the benefits that are delivered pay for the cost of the analysis itself many times over.

We have the knowledge to reduce waste and improve profit by getting the design right first time. We talk the language of design engineers as well as mould makers and processing technicians. We have been doing it for a very long time – with expertise, confidentiality and speed.

These skills and technologies can also be used to identify problems with existing parts, processes or moulds – analyse the process – determine the cause – fix the problem.

Plastic-IT Ltd delivers an unrivalled CAE service using the latest 3D solid mould filling, cooling and warpage technologies coupled with the knowledge gained from hundreds of detailed optimisation studies of moulded components - from tiny medical parts to the largest of automotive components in a wide range of materials.

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Moldflow Analysis
  • Optimisation of Part Design
  • Moulding Process Optimisation
  • Right First Time Manufacturing
  • Expert Delivery
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