Employee Training for Injection Moulding and Extrusion

Richad Webster
Employee Training for Injection Moulding and Extrusion

Training….often the most overlooked investment in employees, but why ?

Is it because you have hired the best that you can afford and therefore you expect them to perform their job sufficiently?

Maybe your company doesn’t have a budget for training?

Or does your training rely on internal resources like shadowing and mentoring?

Upskilling your employees can be a sensitive subject, there is always a fear that the investment will be lost if the employee leaves and goes to work for a competitor.  Or maybe that once trained, the staff will demand higher wages?

Whichever way you look at it all businesses exist to make money and this means being the most efficient and profitable at doing what you do.  If you are buying your raw materials, utilities and staff at the same rate as the competition you can only compete by being better at what you do.

Training only key members is short-sighted.  These employees become the first point of contact when things go wrong, some employees may relish the “knowledge is power” position but is it beneficial to your overall business?  What happens when they are away?  What happens when they are overworked? What happens when they leave because they’ve simply had enough?

Providing training to all employees offers you the largest pool of candidates to develop and it increases staff morale and loyalty as they see that an employer is willing to invest in them.  Take into account that most production losses come from poorly skilled employees and the return on any training investment is seen immediately from reductions in scrap, downtime and equipment damage.

Off-site training may offer you the benefit of taking your employees away from their place of work to concentrate on their learning, but often these courses are held in sterile environments with predictable results and the practical exercise are carried out on unfamiliar equipment.  This is then difficult for the participants to translate back in the normal place of work.

Onsite training allows your employees to train on your machines, using your materials and moulds and therefore the training is 100% relative to YOUR business.

With our exclusive RightStart™ program, companies of any size can take advantage of the flexibility offered by having their own company-specific, dedicated online plastics training portal. Each Learning Management System (LMS) is branded with the company’s logo and can handle all aspects of a blended training initiative by combining the continuous interaction and pacing of one-to-one training with a state-of-the-art online portal. The online training courses incorporate high quality video, 3-D animation and practical assignments and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection and using any device to deliver a complete, custom program that provides a uniquely relevant training system for your company and employees.

Our RightStartTM process will also help you identify the metrics you should track such as rework, regrind, scrap and maintenance costs to help justify the continuation of your training initiative.

If you want to assess your employees’ knowledge of the injection moulding or extrusion processes using an established benchmark please use our FREE Skills Gap Analysis Test.  http://www.traininteractive.com/knowledge/return/analysis/

Note that users are not expected to achieve a perfect score in sections that do not coincide with their area of expertise; the exception being safety-related questions, which all personnel are expected to know.

If you would like further information on the training that we can provide, please call Richard Webster on 01952 897071/07472 327166 or email us sales@plastic-it.co.uk