Crystal Ball Gazing for Profit

CAE for Success

Most injection moulded parts are only designed for fit and function.  The assumption, at the design stage, is that they can be tooled and moulded – and that’s where things go wrong.  The vested interests of the toolmaker and the moulder get in the way of your profit making.   Frequently they are relied upon too heavily and often beyond their levels of knowledge to determine the cost and productivity levels of your component.  The industry shift from sequential to concurrent engineering is still not fully realised and the end result is a costly, iterative process that generates delays and compromises to the original intent.

We have a ‘Crystal Ball’ known as ‘Computer Aided Engineering’

We use these tools, such as Moldflow predictive technology, coupled with decades of knowledge of product design, polymer materials, tooling design, process engineering and construction in a seamless manner to develop the optimum solution.   We can simulate the filling, packing and cooling phases of the injection moulding cycle to ensure a robust process and design, we can also study what influence this has on the part deflection using warpage analysis.

The outcome is parts that are right first time, on time, using the least amount of polymer, produced at the optimum cycle time and lowest cost so that the margin between cost and selling price is maximised.

Our costs are saved many times over by

  • reductions in time to market
  • minimisation of polymer content
  • optimisation of production rate


If you don’t believe that this is achievable we will consider taking on your project with no up-front fee to prove it to you.  What have you got to lose ?

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