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Advanced Scientific Moulding Skills
New Series of Training from Routsis Training

ROUTSIS TRAINING, the premier training provider for the plastics industry, recently announced the release of its new SkillSetTM courses. This comprehensive series combines online training (which can be used on any computer, tablet  or smart p..

Crystal Ball Gazing for Profit
CAE for Success

Most injection moulded parts are only designed for fit and function.  The assumption, at the design stage, is that they can be tooled and moulded – and that’s where things go wrong.  The vested interests of the toolmaker and ..

What is your REAL scrap rate ?
Richard Webster

Scrap rates are simply the difference between the polymer purchased and the weight of polymer shipped as saleable product.  Typically this is as much as 10%, although when questioned about scrap rates companies reported to us the figures they..