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Plastikcity 'Hot Seat' Article

You can find the full article here https://www.plastikmedia.co.uk/hotseat-graham-webster-plastic-it/

Founded in 1995 and boasting over 70 years ..

4 reasons to think twice about 3D printing

Like all manufacturing techniques, 3D printing has its place.  The ability to realise a good representation of a 3D CAD file without any tooling, in a reasonable time and in a similar material to the possible production, has value no doubt.&n..

Right First Time Injection Moulding
Expert guidance for your next tooling project


It's 2017, there is no need for any guesswork on your next injection moulding tool.

Mouldfilling software has been..

Efficient Troubleshooting Starts with Good Documentation
Richard Webster

Imagine the scenario, it’s Monday morning and QC reports a moulding defect to the Moulding Shop Manager, let’s say that a small sink mark is the problem.

So the Senior Technician on shift is asked to remedy the situation, aft..

Employee Training for Injection Moulding and Extrusion
Richad Webster

Training….often the most overlooked investment in employees, but why ?

Is it because you have hired the best that you can afford and therefore you expect them to perform their job sufficiently?

Maybe your company doesn&r..

20% off your next plastic moulding
Plastic Integrated Technologies Ltd

Most plastic injection mouldings that are produced today are still compromised when compared to what they could be in terms of fully optimised product.

Just take one example of the fact that most part geometry – even though it is c..

What is your REAL scrap rate ?
Richard Webster

Scrap rates are simply the difference between the polymer purchased and the weight of polymer shipped as saleable product.  Typically this is as much as 10%, although when questioned about scrap rates companies reported to us the figures they..

Crystal Ball Gazing for Profit
CAE for Success

Most injection moulded parts are only designed for fit and function.  The assumption, at the design stage, is that they can be tooled and moulded – and that’s where things go wrong.  The vested interests of the toolmaker and ..

Advanced Scientific Moulding Skills
New Series of Training from Routsis Training

ROUTSIS TRAINING, the premier training provider for the plastics industry, recently announced the release of its new SkillSetTM courses. This comprehensive series combines online training (which can be used on any computer, tablet  or smart p..

Accessing Cost-Effective & Accurate Measurement and Validation

There is an age old saying in manufacturing, that if you can’t measure it, you can’t make it. Such a sweeping statement may or may not be strictly correct when applied across industry in general, but when it comes to precise, feature-r..

Accurate Inspection of Internal Features

CGI’s Pearl 3D scanning machines are now available through Shropshire-based company Plastic-IT, helping make this cost-effective and versatile measuring and inspection technology readily available for all OEMs across Europe.

The ma..

Plastic IT Showcasing New Technology at Micro Nano Mems Event

Plastic IT has recently been granted the sole distribution rights to the groundbreaking 3D measurement technology from CGI in the USA.

The introduction of the CGI technology into Europe is extremely important for various sectors of indus..

The Next Generation of Micro Part Verification

In general, technology solutions utilised in the micro-manufacturing sector are scaled down versions of traditional macro technologies, and as such, their applicability in the micro world is questionable. Nowhere is this more the case  than i..

Press Release From Plastic IT
Graham Webster

Innovative 3D scanner for small plastic parts.

Validate moulded parts to design intent CAD with micron accuracy.

A 3D Scanner that can measure the internal geometry of small plastic parts – to microns – where CMM&rs..