Advanced Scientific Moulding Skills

New Series of Training from Routsis Training

ROUTSIS TRAINING, the premier training provider for the plastics industry, recently announced the release of its new SkillSetTM courses. This comprehensive series combines online training (which can be used on any computer, tablet  or smart phone) with hands-on exercises to teach sound scientific moulding skills. Topics range from setting first-stage packing pressure and transfer position to deriving important in-mould rheology data for any injection moulding process.

Each of the 26 courses and worksheet combinations focus on developing important processing related skills that translate directly to optimizing any moulding application. The Scientific SkillSetTM Series will provide your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to set up a repeatable process and how to troubleshoot more effectively by using a scientific moulding approach.

Routsis Training, based in Boston, USA is represented exclusively in UK and Ireland by Plastic Integrated Technologies Ltd.   In addition to injection moulding, training is also provided for part and mould design, blow-moulding and extrusion processes.

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