Autodesk Moldflow simulation of the filling, packing and cooling phases of the injection moulding cycle can be optimised
Plastic-IT Ltd can provide precision prototype moulded components with all the features of the final design to verify fit, form and function delivered to your door in just 10 days.
High scrap level? Long cycle time? Poor aesthetics? Warpage?  Quick and confidential solutions can be provided
Routsis Training Associates, the largest training provider for the Plastics Industry is now available in the UK and Ireland. ‘Hands on, On-line and Ongoing’
At Plastic-IT Ltd we can support your moulding requirements with our range of in-house injection moulding machines.
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We optimise injection moulding through design & training

Plastic-IT Ltd is a knowledge-based company with world class expertise in injection moulding - we help companies get product to market quicker by being right first time.

Each of the technologies employed contribute to the process of delivering profitable production. The outcome of this is improved quality, waste elimination and profit.

Each of these Plastic Technologies Integrate to provide a comprehensive expert service for any facet of the manufacture of injection moulded components and other plastics processing.